Copper Caboose is one of Lubbock’s oldest successful local restaurant.  I can’t remember when I first visited the one on 4th street and Boston, in the Furr’s Shopping Center.  It opened there in 1977.   Now that location is literally Marsha Sharp Freeway.


There are two locations.  This one is located just east of Ave Q in a  cul-de-sac called Villa Drive.  They Copper Caboose Restaurant and Sports Grill has been in business long enough, they know what they are doing.


They serve good food, good drinks, and pool tables and high definition TV’s all around to watch the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and the Dallas Cowboys play.   Let  loose at the Caboose!


This Caboose  is  minutes from downtown Lubbock, 10 minutes from the South Plains Mall, and only 12 minutes from Texas Tech University.  The Sports Bar features 6 big screen TVs, eleven booths with individual TVs, and FREE POOL 11 AM to 7 PM everyday.


After 24 years the moved from being across the street from Texas Tech’s Jones ATT&T  Stadium, the Copper Caboose moved in June 2001


It is open on Weekdays  from 11pm to 2pm, you can enjoy Lubbock’s original fajitas from the all-you-can-eat fajita lunch buffet.  The Copper Caboose on Avenue Q features all of your favorite Mexican dishes, along with great sandwiches, chicken strips, and a variety of traditional American dishes.